Gucci’s 90 year old ad used in today’s campaign

It’s the 90th anniversary for Gucci this year and it’s been a year of many celebrations thus far for the renowned Italian label.  Their “Forever Now” ad campaign has been successful in taking us inside the traditions and values honoured by the label for nine centuries and several generations. However, the latest campaign image from Gucci truly celebrates their past like never before. The first ever Gucci ad was recently recovered from a local Florentine newspaper from 1922 and will run in the double page spreads in the “Forever Now” campaign. On the facing page there will be a vintage black and white photograph of Aldo Gucci, son of founder Guccio Gucci, standing in front of the first Gucci store in Rome on Via Condotti. This image is from the year 1955!

To last 90 years in the world of fashion, where you are in one minute and out the next, is a truly fantastic accomplishment. Yet to have the style and grace to advertise such an accomplishment in such a classic and honourable way is truly commendable. Happy Birthday Gucci! May you continue to thrive and celebrate your 180th birthday in exactly the same way!


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