Favourite Fashion Film: Thomas Crown Affair (1999 remake)

Yesterday I took to twitter to announce my undying love for The Thomas Crown Affair remake starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. I was actually announcing, more than anything else, the exact moment my heart fell hook, line and sinker for Michael Kors.  Surprisingly a great many of my readers had no idea that Michael Kors was responsible for every single look sported by Miss Russo!  If we’re getting technical, it was actual Celine by Michael Kors but there is no denying that this was a showcase of Kors’ talents from head to toe! 

I was 18 when I first watched the film and at the time I had started a fashion diary in which I kept clippings of every single look I one day dreamt of stocking in my closet. After the Thomas Crown Affair came out on video I took Polaroid pictures of every single outfit that Russo wore in the film, complete with the squiggy lines produced by pausing a video cassette (I have a feeling many of you don’t even remember the days before DVDs and google search – which would have made all of this a lot easier). I pasted the Polaroids in my book and vowed to one day replicate such elegant and sophisticated style in my own way, hopefully while also owning a wardrobe full of Michael Kors. 

Today, The Thomas Crown Affair remains my “fashion favourite”.  I have yet to see a film that stands a chance against such amazing styling. Michael Kors has since become one of America’s most beloved designers and continues to produce runways season after season that I now “paste” proudly on Fashion Foie Gras. I fell in love over ten years ago and in the past decade my respect for this talented designer has only increased ten fold with every new season released! It may sound extreme to say this but perhaps there wouldn’t even be an FFG if it weren’t for people like Michael Kors who kept my love for the world of fashion alive. Cheesy, but true. So thank you, Mr. Kors, for everything!


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