Fashion by Feelings launched by Woolmark

If you’re sitting inside trying to escape the miserable British weather, may I suggest an adorable style site I’ve just been introduced to: Fashion by Feelings. This is the handy work of Woolmark. They’ve put together this special website to showcase individual style organized by feelings. There are twelve categories in total ranging from nostalgic to loving. Readers are encouraged to upload a picture of themselves in a stylish look and submit it to one of the twelve categories.  Readers can then vote on the looks they love the most! The winner, with the most likes, will receive a $12,000 holiday! What’s not to love there? I know you’ve all got style. Now it’s just a matter of uploading it for the world to see!

The site has only just gone live so there are less than 150 looks uploaded. There’s a pretty good chance you could win this holiday, stylish FFG readers! I’m currently trying to find my look to upload! Here’s a look at the looks with the most likes at the moment…

And here’s the look I’ve voted for!


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