Eva Longoria carries Coach Audrey Tote

Holy handbag Gods, hear my prayers! Please let there be a Coach Audrey Embossed Exotic Large Andie Cinched Tote left for me to purchase when I touch down on American soil next week! Eva Longoria was spotted out last week carrying this gorgeous coral piece that I now have dancing in my head like sugarplum fairies at Christmas! The good PR people over at Coach were kind enough to send over a still image of the bag so that I may have the opportunity to declare my undying love and affection for this piece of art that deserves a place in my wardrobe as soon as it hits shelves!

For those of you that like a good bag that can carry all your bits and bobs, I think this may be the piece we’re all looking for that is sleek and sophisticated yet practical and able to fit everything but the kitchen sink. I’m already planning vacations away with just me and my Coach tote….trips to the Bahamas where my tote and I sit on the beach and enjoy Mai Tais together, plane journeys to far off places where my tote and I watch classic movies on my iPad or perhaps a romantic dinner at fashion week, just me and my tote.

Yes, people I have gone off the deep end! Love does that to you! 😉


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