Disaster at Dior, Couture Fall 2011

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Admittedly, it must be difficult to all of the sudden find yourself filling the shoes of one of the greatest fashion geniuses walking the earth but if we look at Sarah Burton, for example, some people have the means to do just that. Unfortunately for Dior, Bill Gaytten is no Galliano and given the keys to the kingdom he has failed to impress with his over the top display yesterday at the first Dior show without the Galliano hand resting on the garments. We have missed out on the pieces that although always flamboyant were every woman’s dream. Galliano, despite all his faults, understood women sometimes better than we understood ourselves. His vision varied enough each season to keep us on the edge of our seats. His pieces made each and every owner feel alive in a way she never has before. 

Now, can the same be said about Dior Couture Fall 2011? No, it certainly cannot. If I didn’t already know it was Dior I would have thought it was a new designer on the couture scene, which in fact it is. Let’s hope that Gaytten can relax a little with his Spring presentation in September. One doesn’t need to try so hard to impress and should try to remember what house they represent and carry that through in their designs. We look forward to September where we hope a different review can be written.

Images courtesy of style.com


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