Anorexics idolizing Kate Middleton

This morning while skimming over the latest blog posts of favourite bloggers I came across a haunting image on Alexsandro Palombo’s blog, Humor Chic. Palombo has obviously picked up on the latest reports that Kate Middleton’s picture is appearing on pro-anorexia websites around the world. This isn’t a rumour. This is fact. Girls are taking the pictures they find of Kate and plastering them all over the net alongside tips of how to not eat! It is a sick and twisted world we live in where a Duchess is held on a pedestal for being smaller than a size zero. 

Admittedly, Kate has dropped an extreme amount of weight since stepping into the limelight as The Duchess of Cambridge. One look at her college years in comparison to her recent outing with the Queen and Kate is barely recognizable. It is true that people change and bodies change as we age. We know that Kate does spend a great deal of time exercising and looking after herself and there is a great pressure that comes with always being in the public eye. It would be enough for any of us to have a serious constant belly ache!

So what’s the answer? Well there isn’t one really. Anorexia is a very serious disease. Kate has done nothing to promote the disease. She’s simply lost some weight. It’s sad that she is now associated with a serious medical condition. One has to think that this is very disturbing indeed.  

We will only say this. Kate is beautiful. She is a gorgeous woman who we have all watched grow into the face of the nation as she stands alongside Prince William and even Her Majesty the Queen.  She is a role model for women everywhere now and with that title comes a great deal of responsibility. I think that’s all we have to say. The rest you can put together yourselves…


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