Activia… please hire a new stylist!

Oh me, oh my… this is seriously some of the worst styling work I’ve seen in ages. Poor Martine McCutcheon. She’s such an uber-babe and whoever is responsible for dressing her for the Activia ads should truly be held accountable for such a disaster. Surely Activia want to show Martine’s best side since she is the spokesperson for a healthy lifestyle in using their product. All I can think about when watching these ads is…fashion disaster! Does a polka dot playsuit look good on anyone at all?

Here’s the latest catastrophe…

Summer TLC Plan

Summer TLC Plan
Watch the ad…

And of course we all remember the “Jessica Simpson Jeans” debacle for last years advert!…

Activia, we can give you a list a mile long of stylists who can dress Martine and actually flatter those amazing curves. We’re begging you to please switch it up. You’re only hurting yourselves here!


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