Uniqlo: turned inside out and upside down for High Summer…

Yesterday I went in to Uniqlo, one of our favourite shops on the high street, to check out what they are offering for the summer season. What was supposed to be a quick trip in ended up being a 90 minute adventure where every turn revealed another item I wanted to share with the world . On the ground floor I was first confronted with polo shirts and dresses that were everywhere in every imaginable colour – and are currently on sale at £19.99 for two.

I’ll stop here and tell you that if you aren’t familiar with Uniqlo these prices will surprise you. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything in the store over £24.99. The J+ Jil Sander line is usually a bit more expensive however, with the current sale even these items are down around that price point. I just thought I’d bring that to your attention before you start looking at the pictures below and thinking you’ll be spending an arm and a leg! That won’t be the case.

I’ll let you take the visual tour herewith but before I do there are two things I want to mention about Uniqlo specifically. First of all, they’ve released a new line of support garments that are out of this world. We are all used to shelling out the big bucks for Spanx and I have to tell you, as of right now, I’m no longer a slave to that brand. Uniqlo have some seriously high tech pieces that support you just as well, if not better, and are a quarter of the price. You’ll see a few examples below. Also, Uniqlo have a line called Dry Fit. This line is specifically tailored for hotter climates as it allows your skin to breathe through the garment. If you are headed anywhere tropical, or planning on spending a long time in the horribly hot Tube this summer, you’ll want a few of these in  your wardrobe.

Without further ado, here’s what I discovered on my adventures in Uniqlo


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