Taylor Swift covers Teen Vogue August 2011

Dear Teen Vogue,

I love a good Taylor Swift cover as much as the next girl on earth. However, I expected more from you guys when I heard Taylor was yourAugust covergirl. Upon seeing the latest issue of the magazine I was sure I had time travelled, was 12 again and standing in front of Seventeen Magazine at Rite Aid. Not since then have I seen a cover of this sort of design. I can just picture it sitting on the magazine shelf next to Tiger Beat Magazine. Back to present day. Rubbish magazine covers…it’s an epidemic. I am staying away from the newstands at the moment as it’s too depressing. Hearing that Kate Moss will once again feature on the cover of Vogue, and the September issue no less, has me even more down in the dumps. Come on print guys…I worship at the altar of Vogue and you’re letting me down. Here’s hoping it’s just me and that the rest of the world is madly in love with your current creations. 

Hugs and Kisses,

The Fashion Goose


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