Shopping at Sluiz, Ibiza

After spending 48 hours in Ibiza I was ready to close up shop in London and move Fashion Foie Gras to the island as soon as possible. If I was serious about doing this I’d have to check out the shopping situation first, right? We can’t have a tatty FFG office for when you all come to visit! So it was suggested that we go and check at Sluiz while we were Ibiza. Apparently this is the cool kids shop when it comes to outfitting your digs on the islands. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was certainly surprised when I arrived. The shop was full of anything you could ever want or need to outfit a house that would be worthy of a feature in a leading interiors magazine! I whipped out my Blackberry the moment I stepped in and kept snapping away like a fool in paradise. Here’s a look at what I found from irresistable necklaces to fur chairs…


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