Shopping America: Goodwill vintage jean rummaging

How many times have you asked someone “where did you buy those jeans?” and they turn around and answer, “oh these old things, I’ve had them for years”?  Jeans are the magical piece of clothing that actually get better with age! The more they are worn, washed and broken in, the more comfortable and seemingly flattering they become! I don’t know how it works and I can’t explain why this happens but it’s just one of those miracles in life. However, these days jean manufacturers have caught on to the idea that the ‘worn in’ look is one we will all pay any amount of money to have instantly. So they batter each pair of jeans as much as they can get away with and they smack a $600 price tag on the pair which is then bought up by the masses without any questions. That being said not everyone can afford to throw down that sort of cash for a pair of jeans.  I know I include myself in that demographic.  

So I’ve had a secret for many years of getting my own worn in jeans instantly but with a price tag that is laughable in comparison. I get my vintage denim fix for $4.99 and have done so for the past ten years. What’s the secret? My local Goodwill. 

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Goodwills are treasure troves! In the Goodwill closest to my family’s home there are six to eight racks of denim available on any given day.  And before you cynics turn your nose up at the idea of sifting through racks of old Levi’s, allow me to point out the labels I spotted on my visit just yesterday…

Why mention this? I’m a realist. I know some of us like to splurge on jeans, others like to save that money and spend it on expensive handbags. I also know some people love the idea of buying brand new jeans and others like jeans that have lived a life and worked in the world for a spell before they were given a new owner.  Whatever team you play for, it’s good to know you have options. If you live in the UK, charity shops are also an option and certainly have no shortage of desirable denim in stock! Wherever you buy the used jeans, at Goodwill in the USA or charity shops in the UK, you can at least walk away knowing two things: a. you’ve scored a great deal and b. the money paid for your “find” goes to a good cause! 

Happy Shopping!


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