River Island Pop-Up in Ibiza

This weekend I took a plane to paradise, otherwise known as Ibiza. Fashion Foie Gras was invited over to check out the new River Island Pop-Up Shop, which has opened for ten days only at Savannah Beach Club in San Antonio. So here’s what I love about this concept. First of all, we all have that experience when we’re going on holiday and haven’t packed the right piece or don’t have the right dress for clubbing (once we’ve seen all of our friends coming down the hotel stairs looking stunning).  And how many times have you had no clue where you could run to for a backup outfit? Well, if you’re in Ibiza and you find yourself in this situation you have a familiar shop to depend on! When we visited the River Island Pop-Up shop on Saturday afternoon I had to wait to get in. There were that many people running in and out and grabbing some great gear for fun and sun on the island. What a great idea and we’re hoping River Island decides to open a more permanent place soon! Here’s a look at the Pop-Up Shop itself which is perfectly located to watch the sun set with a sangria in hand after you’ve scored some delicious goodies!


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