Newsweek show Diana at 50… a step too far!

I honestly don’t even know where to start with this. I guess I’ll start with the fact that I just cancelled my subscription to Newsweek. That’s how disgusted I am with the current cover of their magazine. So Newsweek, here’s what I’d like to say to you…

Imagine you’re mother died in a tragic accident that not only shook your world to the core but also saddened an entire population of people around the globe. Imagine dealing with that on a personal level and then having to share your grief with the entire world on a daily basis as you are constantly reminded of how wonderful your mother was. Now imagine some ridiculous magazine looking to make a quick sell with a front cover has decided to create a digital image of what your mother would look like if she was still alive and she’s walking down the street with your new bride? Does that seem at all twisted to you? Does that make you maybe want to find the idiot that came up with this idea and make sure he is never allowed to work publishing again? 

Prince William and Prince Harry have dealt with their mother’s death with extreme grace since her passing. One can only imagine the incredible heartache of losing your mother so young. For Prince William, he recently wed his beautiful bride without his mother there to take part. That day must have been one of the hardest since her passing and one, in fact, that had us all thinking of Diana.  But it was not a day that we were thinking, “I wonder what Diana would look like if she was alive today.” Of course we would have fantasized about what she would have worn to the wedding and how she would have smiled and cried as Wills and Kate said “I do.” But we left all those images to the imagination. We certainly didn’t run to photoshop and conjure up an image of what it might actually look like.

Which brings me to my next topic. Newsweek should not only be slapped on the wrist for producing such a cover, they should also be scolded for making Diana look so haggard. There is no way on earth Diana would have look like the “skeletor” they have portrayed on the cover. There’s no telling what Diana would look like today but we are almost certain she’d look a million times better than the way Newsweek have portrayed her. And creating an image where Kate Middleton is walking with Diana?! What were you thinking?! Is that just an added knife in the back to show how old she would look next to the young and beautiful Duchess of Cambridge?

To conclude, as I could go on forever here, Newsweek have gone too far. It would have been enough to use an image of Diana in the past and leave it at that with their article (which I’m not even going to bother to read now).  Instead they’ve made a mockery of themselves with this horrific image.


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