Kim Kardashian’s “What Not to Wear” in Gucci SS11

Image: Getty

Kim, Kim, Kim. Where do we start? Yes, this is one of Gucci’s best looks for Spring Summer 2011 and it has been worn by dozens of women who have done the outfit justice in every way, shape and form. However, these were women that were not blessed with your gorgeous curves! Why try to squeeze into something that was never made for your frame?  This ensemble was created for the “rib runners” (aka the women that are so skinny you can see their rib cage at every angle in pictures) and the fleshy mid section you have on display can only be compared to a muffin top in this getup. It’s a fashion fail and we are disappointed because we expect more from you. You are too gorgeous to fall victim to trends for the sake of looking “of the moment.”


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