I’m a changed lady…layered and loving it!

So it was a rough week last week. Things happened that left me wanting a change, a drastic change! Although, as DKNY PR girl has warned me, haircuts aren’t always the answer as you’ll do something you more than likely will regret the day after.  So I made a command decision to change something about my hair but promised myself I wouldn’t take any of the length off.  Going short is like going fashionably broke for me. Short just doesn’t work on someone that is over six feet tall. We just end up looking like Q-tips!  

On the very same day I was flipping through my little black book of hair gurus, I had an email from a PR representing Gielly Green who was wondering if I wanted to go in and check out the salon. You may remember a few months ago I was in Gielly Green experiencing their Kundalini back massage (read about it here) and I have been dying to get back to check out what goes on upstairs with the hair masters! This was my chance!

First and foremost I have to tell you that I have fallen head over heels with the chairs that are used for shampooing. Yes, I am aware I am bringing up a totally random topic here but how many times have you been to a salon, laid back to have your hair washed and wished it would end immediately because of the horrible neck and head pain involved? Gielly Green reclines you fully and your head rests above the bowl on a lovely squidgy surface. It’s heaven and I nearly fell fast asleep as the women shampooing my head asked if I’d like a head massage! Hell yes, sign me up and keep them coming!

However, I was there to get a haircut and when I met the scissor master, Shai Greenberg, I handed over the power completely. I told him to keep the length but do something to give my hair life. I was tired of a blunt long cut. I wanted to look glam and pulled together! And then he chopped off the first section of hair and I watched a three inch chunk fall in my lap. Gulp! I knew I was in the best hands in London when it comes to hair but I sat nervously clutching at my Blackberry as hair fell around me. What would be the end result? 

Well, as you can see from the picture above, the end result was what I can only refer to as “Hollywood”! That’s all I could think as I strut down to Oxford Street after the cut. And yes, I was strutting and swinging my hair as if I had just been reborn as Cindy Crawford! 

Thank you so much to Shai Greenberg, Gielly Green and The Communications Store, for “turning my frown upside down” (so cheesy but so entirely true).

Info on Gielly Green:


42-44 George St
London, W1U 7ES
tel: 020 7034 3060


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