FFG takes tea with Jessica de Lotz

Last night I had the great privilege of taking tea with Jessica de Lotz in her workshop in St. John’s Wood, London. The lovely ladies over at Our Assembly PR know how FFG is always looking for the latest and greatest and suggested we meet with Jessica to preview her collections. We felt this was particularly well timed as London Jewellery Week starts on Monday so why not talk to one of the most talented artists in London today to start the week off on the right foot.

It’s hard to put into words the story behind Jessica de Lotz. There’s so much to tell that I can almost guarantee they’ll one day be a coffee table book detailing her life. Jessica’s pieces all have a vintage keepsake feel to them and that is perhaps why they are so heavy with meaning, because they pay homage to the past. Her story actually began when she discovered a women’s handbag at a market. This handbag was a vintage 1950’s piece and inside laid all the personal belongings of its previous owner. A life was revealed and Jessica designed an entire collection around the contents of this mysterious woman with the clues she had left behind. This vintage inspiration carries through into the work we see from Jessica today. Every piece has a specific inspiration and an involved story behind it. Each piece is actually an object d’art in itself and designed with such a concept in mind. Imagine, if you will, a ring that is a light switch. I don’t mean a ring that is meant to look like one. I mean a ring that actually is a light switch. Or how about a ring that comes out of a gorgeous vintage hairbrush? These are all the original ideas of Jessica de Lotz. She takes beautiful vintage objects and breathes new live into them as wearable art. 

Jessica de Lotz is perhaps best known for her collection “Jewellery for Life”, a bespoke crest and monogram service for which she has been written up in every glossy magazine you can imagine. The service invites clients to share their life stories with Jessica so that she may create a crest that is appropriate to their family histories. The end result is a piece that will leave you breathless.  Her talents are unparalleled. Of course you can only imagine what was running through my head as Jessica was detailing her bespoke  services… a crest for FFG! It’s a must! We’ll have to get the fashion goose her very own crest to make a necklace!

On this visit we were also able to see the entire collection she put together for the Royal Wedding which included a crest for Prince William and a crest for both Kate and Will. Jessica had been asked by Smythson to create a collection in honour of the the pending nuptials which would be displayed in stores leading up to main event. Here’s a look at what we discovered in Jessica de Lotz‘s workshop…



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