Emma Watson covers Seventeen Magazine August 2011

She may be 21 but Emma Watson makes for the perfect cover girl of Seventeen Magazine‘s August 2011 issue. I can remember as a teenager being most excited about the August issue of Seventeen Magazine because this was the issue that gave me insight into all that I could look forward to for “back-to-school” clothing. I would flip through the pages and earmark the pieces I’d dream about wearing to school when the new year started. When I received this image of Seventeen I had a flashback to those days and longed for the afternoons spent shopping with mom for binders, pencils and plaid skirts (which I remember being the must have item when I was fifteen). Seventeen is meant to be fun and young and this cover is exactly that! They know their audience and I bet you there are even a few thirty year old women out there that will buy this issue (myself included).


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