Discovering a new side of UGG

What do you think of when I say UGG? Most likely you, like the rest of the world, are picturing big comfy sheepskin boots that keep your feet warm on cold winter days. I know that’s my “go-to” UGG thought. I can’t help it. My mind has been trained to think of UGG in a certain way and that thought is always drawn towards winter and comfort. It’s why every season I go back and buy a new pair. It’s sort of a ritual now for me.  

So imagine my surprise when UGG invited FFG into the Covent Garden store to check out their Spring Summer lineup. I thought I’d see UGG boots in pretty spring colours. I know a lot of women that wear the boots on warm days and it works, I’m not going to criticize.  However, I was met with a completely different store! There were sandals everywhere, duck shoes (my New England background was beaming) and even sneakers! Yes, there were boots. But they were denim boots and trendy coloured boots and boots with decals. The bottom line is that there were plenty of options.

Should you find yourself walking past the UGG store thinking you don’t need another pair of winter boots just yet, think again! Step inside and I promise you’ll find a few styles that will make you glad you did.


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