Daisy Chakra Bracelets are a must have!

The next time you’re at an event with fashion a-listers take a moment and peek down at their wrists. If you don’t see at least one Daisy Chakra bracelet I’d have to say you’re not at the a-list party you thought you were.  

Two weekends ago, while in Ibiza, I was introduced to the Daisy Chakra bracelets when my host for the weekend was wearing one and I recognized it as a piece I had seen before. As we “yachted” over to Formentera I noticed that two other women on the boat had the same style of bracelet but with a different gold symbol laced within the string. It’s all about the Chakras and you can choose which bracelet to wear based on which Chakra you’d like to awaken (see chart below). 

So after I became familiar with the bracelets I began to see them everywhere on celebs (including Kanye West, Cheryl Cole and Sienna Miller), hostesses and hosts alike, models, random shoppers in Covent Garden. You name a place and I’ll tell you which Daisy Chakra I’ve spotted. 

Is this a trend that somehow escaped me? Wearing many bracelets on your wrist is of course a big “thing” at the moment but this is one bracelet that is worthy of its own space on your skin. It meaningful and it’s just genuinely a beautiful piece of jewelry.  I think I may need to invest in one of each and switch them in and out day after  day. Hell, I need all the help I can get when it comes to spiritual healing!

You can purchase Daisy jewelry online here or if you’re in London the brand is also available in Selfridges!


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