Christian Louboutin transforms iconic artworks with Peter Lippmann

Have you ever seen anything so fantastic? I love Christian Louboutin already. I think that’s is very clear for those of you that have been reading this blog for an extended amount of time.  However, today I fell even more in love with the brand after seeing this new campaign that was created through a collaboration the iconic photographer Peter Lippmann. Lippmann chose iconic portraits in art history and gave them that special Louboutin touch, ie a beautiful shoe worthy of a National Gallery display. We’ve been saying for years that Louboutin’s shoes should be housed in galleries around the world! The historic models depicted “embody the spirit of the Christian Louboutin woman; each portrait acts as a setting for key creations from the upcoming collection twinned with the artist who’s individual technique and subject defines their distinct character.”

Here’s a look at the complete series featuring items from Christian Louboutin’s Autumn Winter 2011 Collection…


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