Cheryl Cole’s new Blonde hair revealed!!!

Source: Twitter

Only moments ago pictures of Cheryl Cole as a newly dyed blonde hit twitter. They’re being beamed across cyberspace as I write! Also on twitter, all of the front covers of tomorrow’s papers have been revealed and for those not reporting on the Federer upset, the riots in Greece or the Taliban attacks, there is the Cheryl Cole makeover story. THIS is breaking news at it’s finest. For those looking for the hard news reporting only the facts, you’ll find Cheryl’s full makeover story in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror. It’s on the list with Starbucks and a blueberry muffin for me first thing!

Update: We’ve just received word that Cheryl’s colourists used L’Oreal products to transform her locks into the Glossy Honey look (just like it says on the box)


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