Weddings and Movie Stars: My wedding obsession continues and is, in fact, worsened!

I do love a good coffee table book. I believe they say absolutely everything about you or rather everything you would like to say about yourself to everyone else.  My coffee table has a new addition to the pile and this one is sitting on top and open to one page in particular for as long as I can stand it.  The new book is Weddings and Movie Stars, published by the Reel Art Press, and the page I’m keeping it open to has contains this visual:

Yes, that’s Grace Kelly on her wedding day and she’s been on everyone’s mind since Kate Middleton stepped out of her car at Westminster Abbey last week. Middleton’s McQueen looks as if it was taken straight of Kelly’s back and merely updated for a more modern fit. Weddings and Movie Stars actually has a few never before seen images of the the famous movie star on the big day. I won’t share these. They are best seen up close and personal in the book. 

You’ll find hundreds of wedding images in the oversized book which includes Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mick Jagger and more. So whether you are looking for wedding inspiration or just a glimpse into the big days of big named stars, this is a book you’ll want to grab hold of while you still can.

Reel Art Press was kind enough to give lend us some enticing images for your enjoyment. If you like what you see, the book is available to purchase online for £49.95. For US readers, the book will be available to purchase from the 23rd of May. Without further ado, I give you Weddings and Movie Stars, a preview…


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