Victoria Beckham inspires a new definition of “Victorian”

We all learned about the Victorian age in school at one point in our lives. These days, however, it seems the school of life is changing the historic meaning of the word “Victorian”. Last week, while shopping on London’s Oxford Street, I overheard a conversation between two teenage girls browsing in Topshop. One was holding up a dress and admiring the way in which the shape enhanced her assets (although let’s just say it was not as politely phrased). Then came the sentence that’s been on my mind ever since. “It’s so Victorian”. 

At this point I was trying to look very interested in a gray pullover as I avoided looking up in absolute shock. As far as I remember, the Victorian age of fashion didn’t feature any skintight booty enhancers. Thank heavens an explanation was offered as I’m not sure I would have been able to let these two scamper off with such an incorrect vision of important fashion history. The friend spoke up asking what she meant. Perhaps she had a better grasp on history and knew her shopping partner was in the wrong. 

The response left my jaw on the floor…

“Oh come on, Victorian means your a follower of Victoria Beckham’s style with all her fierce dresses and fab bags. It’s a whole movement.”

Now I know Victoria Beckham has been a style icon for sometime right now but not even Anna Wintour has had such an effect on fashion that an entire period of history has been changed to describe her style.


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