A treasured gift from Niftee...

posted on: Monday, 16 May 2011

Last week I received a special delivery from Dubai. A gorgeous box, tied with a wide purple ribbon, was discovered as I dismantled the DHL mailing container. Upon opening the ornate box, my office was filled with a heavenly scent and I discovered a letter sitting so delicately upon tissue paper that surrounded an unidentified item.  The letter read...

"Dearest Emily, 
Please accept this gift from Niftee as a 'thank you' for having a fab website! The pattern printed is inspired by traditional Emirati gold necklaces and depicts elements such as coins and chains combined with Arabic calligraphy. You will be wearing a special Emirati designed shawl, limited to 100 pieces only. I hope you like it.
Big hugs all the way from Dubai, UAE"

Indeed, this is one of the most stunning cashmere shawls I have ever owned and the letter that was sent with the gift is equally beautiful. Since starting this blog in 2009, I have discovered just how small the world is and also how amazing and talented so many of us are. Niftee, your surprise has left me speechless. Thank you.