One night at Pavillon Des Lettres Hotel in Paris

This weekend we had the great pleasure in reviewing one of the most prestigious boutique hotels in Paris. Pavillon Des Lettres was kind enough to give us a roof over our heads this Saturday in THE best neighbourhood in Paris. Located just next door to President Sarkozy’s house, we were tempted to pop in to wish Carla our best and congratulate the two on their forthcoming arrival. However, the guards might have had a different idea should we have tried to do so.  I don’t think there could be a more secure location anywhere in the city than Pavillon Des Lettres. I’m a paranoid American at heart so security in a foreign country, for me, is paramount.  Never have I felt safer in Paris than I did this weekend. But I must also say I’ve never felt more cared for or more relaxed either. 

From the moment we stepped into Pavillon Des Lettres, service was the name of the game. Check in was done in less than five minutes with not even a moment of waiting, despite the fact that we were at the hotel well before official check-in time. We were met with a smile and a big welcome. I mention this because I have stayed in hotels in Paris before where the attitude will change instantly when they hear your American accent. Not here, no sir! 

There are 26 rooms in the hotel and each one is named after a famous author spanning the entire alphabet from A to Z. Our room was K, for Kafka. Not the lightest of authors but the room, regardless, was still a sight for sore eyes. Behind our door we discovered a beautifully decorated space that was modern and comfortable, two words that aren’t often put together. Absolutely everything we could have needed was provided, including an iPad 2 that comes with every single room and also a copy of Kafka’s L’Amerique in case we wanted some light reading before bedtime. 

Before we ventured out into the city to look around we stopped at the front desk and asked for some assistance in booking dinner for the evening. Our lovely concierge managed to get us a table at the most stylish restaurant in Paris – La Societe. It’s almost unheard of to do this on the night of the required booking. To say we were impressed would be an understatement. But then again, the entire experience was impressive from start to finish.  

A few things we’d recommend if you are staying at Pavillon Des Lettres:

– Don’t miss breakfast. The mini pain au chocolates and croissants are out of this world!

– Ask them for advice on where to go and what to see in the city. The concierge seemed to have his finger on the style pulse and knew exactly where to send us (including the Prada that is literally only 100 metres from the hotel).

– Explore the area around the hotel and leave plenty of time to do so. This is the best area of Paris and has more to see than we could fit into our 48 hour trip.  

– Sit in the park near the hotel and people watch. The style is insane in this district. My favourite spotting was a woman dressed head to toe in vintage Chanel who I swear could have passed for Coco herself.

Here’s a look at what we discovered…


Hotel Info:

PAVILLON DES LETTRES – 12 rue des Saussaies – 75008 PARIS

Tel. : +33 (0)1 49 24 26 26 – Fax : +33 (0)1 49 24 26 27 –


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