New Look uses 100 of us for their new campaign

New Look just moved up a notch in our books with their new campaign ‘100 Days of Summer’. In the new print and TV ads the high street chain has decided to use 100 real girls and boys to advertise their product. By real I mean people like you and me. We are, after all, the folks that actually wear the clothes so why shouldn’t we be featured in the campaigns? 

The 100 lucky participants were chosen in New Look stores around the country for their unique style. There are even four New Look staff in the mix! The average height of the models was 5’5, and they feature body types from a size 6 to an 18!

Nick Cross, Group Chief Marketing Officer commented: “100 Days of Summer is our new initiative to inspire customers to enjoy the summer months and have fun with their style. We want to involved staff and customers as these are the people at the heart of what New Look is about. We want to show that anyone with style, regardless of height, age or size can be a New Look girl.”

Well said, my good man!


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