New discovery: A Piedi

You guys know I love my expensive indulgences just as much as the next girl. However, what I treasure most is finding a steal. This is happening more these days than ever. Sadly, steals usually come at a price and the quality of items is the first thing to drop when it comes to most bargains. So last week’s discovery is a new shoe site that I have fallen absolutely head over heels for (pun totally intended). A Piedi is probably best described as a retail site that doesn’t steal your money. They have a  great selection of flats and sandals that are priced exactly as they should be, low! But the quality is phenomenal. I ordered a pair of the Cynthia flat sandals and they are absolutely lush! The leather is gorgeous, rich and luxurious and I had to pinch myself that they only cost £45 (plus shipping, of course).  I received them on Friday and wore them out this weekend.  Five women, strangers in fact, asked me where I got my new footwear. One even asked me if they were Hermes. THAT comment sent me over the top! I do love that someone would think I could afford to prance around in brand new Hermes sandals. If only!

I went back to the site this morning to see if I could order a few more pairs to show off around town next weekend and am saddened to find that the few I had selected are already sold out. Looks like I’m not the only one to have recently discovered this shopping gem. 

It’s worth a look so if you have a minute today check it out…


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