My Best London Haircut: Taylor Made London, ask for Lewis!

Last year you may remember I had a blowout at Cobella at Selfridges. It was on this day that I fell in love with the master of hair, Lewis Pallett. Lewis, who is at least 6’7, is a man that is larger than live not only in physical stature but also in personality. I must have spent 90 minutes with him, last year, chatting non stop about this, that and the other.  It was one of the best experiences I have had in the chair of a salon.  Then disaster struck. I went to make a follow up appointment with Lewis and was told he had moved salons. No further information could be given. So for one year I went without a haircut. I wallowed in misery and my hair was left to become too long, dull and dry as hell. Then two weeks ago an email arrived in my inbox, just as I was contemplating dyeing my hair bleach blonde and calling it all a day with a style change! It was Lewis! He had found me and in the course of a year also found a new salon he loved and wanted me to visit. Of course I jumped at the chance and took his first available appointment. Last night I went to the new home of Lewis – Taylor Made SalonOff went the six inches that so badly needed to be lifted from my shoulders and back and on came the amazing blowdry I had missed so much over the past twelve months.  

The Taylor Made Salon was lovely. Upon sitting down I was offered any drink under the sun, including wine, coffee and soft drinks, and told if they didn’t have what I was thirsty for they would swiftly go and retrieve whatever my heart could desire. Now that is service! The chairs were comfy and the atmosphere was very elegant. Instead of the usual stylist sections they have large mirrors hanging over what I can only describe as an elegant dinner table suited for a large posh estate. The table was customised to work with the accessories needed to “do hair”, ie. large holes cut for hair dryers and irons. There was definitely a “posh” scent to the whole affair. Hanging behind me on the walls were original John Galliano sketches and in front of me were framed pages of the Beatles “Hey Jude” lyrics. There were also rare photographs, an original Banksy and a Vivienne Westwood piece worn by the Rolling Stones, decorating the walls of the salon.  Needless to say, you might not need a magazine at all while sitting for a cut as there is so much to keep you distracted on the walls and the fabulous stylists in residence will no doubt keep you chatting.

While in the chair I also received exciting news about Lewis. Mr. Lewis Pallett was recently awarded the prized title of “Hair Extension Specialist of the Year 2011” by Pro Hair Live. While I know Lewis looks after dozens of celebs, he does play by the rules and doesn’t mention any names at all.  Ladies, this means your secret is safe. There are way too many gossips in the hair world that trust strangers with the most personal details of celebrity clients. It’s refreshing to meet a man in the business that refuses to name even one celebrity in the hopes of making a name for himself. Lewis has his work to make his name known. But what I love the most is that Lewis works on more than just celebrities… Lewis said “Most of my clients are people like myself who are interested in a fresh look. I also have clients recovering from illnesses who use extensions as an alternative to wigs or pieces  It’s a wonderful moment watching a client’s reaction when the extensions are in. For some it’s a new lease of life.”

Here’s a look at one wonderful extension success story from Lewis…

And whether you are a celebrity or a average jane, there’s a secret entrance to the salon if you’d like to keep things discrete. A few other things you might want to know about the salon – it’s a one stop shop. You can basically have absolutely anything done there. They have a doctor on staff who helps with skincare and nutritional queries. They also have a nail team and those funky little fishes that give you a manicure of pedicure. You know the ones I’m talking about, Garru Rufa Fish. I stuck my hand in for a second and have already promised to book an appointment for a pedicure next week…

You’ll also find a team of specialists who can colour, cut, weave or condition your hair like none other in the business. That’s why Fashion Foie Gras definitely recommends Taylor Made London and, of course, Lewis Pallett.

Salon details:
Taylor Made London 82 Wigmore St London W1U 2SN 02074866087


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