Kate Middleton wears Reiss dress and crashes site…

This is the power of a Princess and should be a lesson to every brand that thinks she may wear one of their pieces in the future! Kate Middleton was today pictured wearing a Reiss dress in greeting President Obama and the First Lady.  As soon as the pictures hit the net the dress was identified as a Reiss dress and the site was overloaded! We’ve been trying to get on for half an hour to see if the piece is sold out and we get the above “Time Out” message. Designers, if Kate is to wear one of your pieces please be ready! The whole world will want that dress. Reiss seems to be a favourite for Kate these days and who can blame her? It’s a look that suits her perfectly and it’s also a brand that most of us can afford to buy into. You have to love a woman that can afford to wear anything but wears something any one of us could pop down to the high street to buy! It’s the power of a princess with the attitude of the girl next door. L-O-V-E!


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