DKNY Easter Egg Hunt: London vs. New York

Here I thought that I was going to a calm and collected Easter Egg Hunt in the London DKNY store when in actuality I was taking part in competing against my own country in a race against time! DKNY had organized for a group of people to take part in an Easter Egg Hunt that was taking place simultaneously in both London and New York and the city that found all the eggs first won! DKNY’s twitter would release 15 clues and the first city to find all the hidden eggs (which were actually chocolate bunnies) and tweet photos would win. So of course for about five minutes I felt guilty working against my homeland. Then my competitive spirit took over and I was happy to help the Brits win in the end.  Now the NYers will tell you they won the competition, but we know London actually came out on top.  DKNY needs to keep the peace so of course the ever diplomatic twitter personality declared us all winners! A good time was enjoyed by all. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed the sweetest lemonade I’ve ever sipped (and keep in mind I’m from the South where lemonade is religion), luxurious chocolates from Thorntons and good solid company. Here’s a few pics from the event. A big thank you to DKNY for the wonderful afternoon!


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