Cindy Crawford campaigns for Mitt Romney?

We do love a good story about fashion and politics. The latest news comes from Las Vegas where supermodel Cindy Crawford has appeared in a fundraising video for Mitt Romney. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, is hoping to run for President in 2012. On Monday he held an event in Las Vegas that helped raise $10.25 million for his campaign and Cindy Crawford was one of 800 people in the Romney camp on the day. Romney’s spokesperson has tweeted that Cindy appears in a demonstration video to show people how to use the ComMitt fundraising software. However, there is no official word that Cindy is throwing her full support behind the Mitt Romney for President. We do find her sudden shift in politics interesting. It is no secret that Crawford was a big supporter of the Obama campaign in 2008, both financially and publicly as she both donated to the campaign and wore Obama paraphernalia around town.

So what does it all mean? Frankly speaking, I think it just means Crawford was either doing a favour for a friend or getting a nice paycheck for a day’s work. Has she switched teams? Only time and t-shirts will tell the truth!

Images courtesy of Sports Illustrated/Mitt Romney


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