Celebrity Makeup Artist, Emma Day, packs for Cannes…

It’s that time of year, Easter is finished, the feverish excitement of the Royal wedding is over and the next thing on the calendar is the growing anticipation for Cannes Film festival. One of my favourite places in the world is the South of France. Somehow, those bright blue skies, that balmy med sun coupled with the film star glamour of the film festival all evoke a heady feel of excitement. Its the start of the summer people! I’m off to prepare some starlets for the red carpet and wanted to share with you what I will be packing in my wash-bag.

1. Sunleya by Sisley SPF 15 – I love this cream, its a brilliant combination of a day moisturiser and suncream, absorbing 90% of UVA-UVB rays, helping your face get glowing with the sun without the damage. It doesn’t leave that annoying white residue like a lot of face-suncreams and you can put a base really easily on top. Sisley is by far my favourite sun-range – its so luxurious and effective and smells gorgeous. I will be also packing the suncream for the body SPF 50, not pictured here. Sisley just screams European chic to me! Very Cannes.

2. Vaishaly day-cream SPF 15– I recently had a wonderful facial at the  Vaishaly salon and was really impressed with the natural, organically-based content of their skincare range. This cream is for combination/oily skin  which I suffer from and have a tendency to break out a bit when the sun comes out – I will be alternating this with my Sunleya as it has decongesting properties and will regulate sebum. Again, being a sucker for smell, this smells really rather delicious. I always adapt my products to whatever my skin is doing as the seasons change its condition and texture a lot.

3. Guerlain limited edition 6 colour palette in Rue des Francs-Bourgeous – I have always loved Guerlain – its just a very classy range and always smells of roses and violets. I bought my first facial tanning product from them when I was all of 15, called Teint Doree (a transparent brown liquid tanner in a little bottle). They still  continue to do a wonderful selection of bronzers for the face and body. The packaging of this compact is about as chic and French as it gets, I can just see a starlet fixing her eye makeup with this before heading to the Croisette. It comes with a great selection of brown shades from taupe, to bronze to deep brown for the summer eye, soft but defined, perfect for Summer 11.

4. Laura Mercier body bronzing makeup – This has been an absolute stalwart in my kit and bathroom since I came across it two years ago. It has a glowing bronze sheen that makes limbs appear miraculously toned and healthy (looks brilliant in photos). It smells of Laura Mericer’s best selling coconut fragrance (a personal favourite) which practically makes people want to devour you, it smells so delicious. More than once I have given this to my clients once I have rubbed it on them as they literally go crazy for it. Men do as well, all you temptresses out there…..

5. Sienna X professional self tan – This is a very recent discovery and was a real suprise as I have always been some of a devotee of St Tropez tanners and had never heard of this brand until recently. This is a cream that develops in 6-8 hours so I normally put it on after a bath at night, every four days or so. It just gives a really lovely honey toned even colour that doesn’t look tangoed and supposedly has an anti-cellulite formula. You can build up the colour depending on how dark you want to go. Once I am in Cannes I know I will catch the sun really fast but I don’t want to arrive looking like a pasty brit so I have been preparing with this which is just perfect.

6. Penhaligons Bluebell – What can I say about Penhaligons….I grew up with this brand as my Dad has always worn their aftershave Blenheim Bouquet and unusually for a man, is completely addicted to their candles! So I got the Penhaligons bug from him and the Bluebell range is my absolute favourite (closely followed by Violetta) – in fact this bottle was my Easter present from Mr Day. It smells so fresh and exactly what a fresh wood of Bluebells would evoke and will bring a bit of pastoral England to the South of France. I also know first hand that Rosamund Pike, Sienna Miller and Tilda Swinton wear Bluebell so I am in very good company!

7. Burberry No. 1 Bronzer in Warm Glow – Where would I be without a compact bronzer in the summer months…. I am very impressed by the Burberry cosmetics brand – everything from the advertising to the product quality to the packaging is absolutely spot on. I mean, who DOESN”T want to look like the youngest Delevigne sister in those Testino shots…. This is a matt bronzer that can be used for contouring the cheek-bones or just adding a warm bit of colour to cheeks and eyes, its the perfect colour and doesn’t have glittery bits which I am never keen on for bronzers of this type unless they are high-lighters. I will be using this on my clients and myself alike.

Now off to Cannes…


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