Rachel Bilson & Karl Lagerfeld for Magnum Ice Cream: More Details

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Magnum commercials to come, featuring Rachel Bilson and directed by Karl Lagerfeld…

There will be three short films in total described as follows:

“The Photo Shoot” features Ms. Bilson as a dispirited fashion model who finds the pleasure she’s been seeking in the form of a smooth and delicious Magnum ice cream bar.

“Ballet” stars Ms. Bilson as a world-renowned ballet dancer who, when unexpectedly faced with an aggressive throng of admirers, savors a moment for herself by enjoying a Magnum bar before greeting her fans.

In “The Drawing Class,” Ms. Bilson is an art student who indulges in a Magnum ice cream bar and is then inspired to create a beautiful work of art. 


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