Japonesque now available in the UK, a guest post from pro makeup artist Emma Day

The week before last I made a rather exciting discovery and thought it might be a good idea to share it with the more beauty obsessed amongst the FFG readership. Allow me to introduce you to Japonesque! I am rather ashamed to admit I haven’t discovered this brand until now, but I guess the reason may be  because it was only previously available in the States. Emily (Editor, FFG) has been known to bring me back a few bits and bobs back from the U.S but had I known about this earlier it would have been top of my shopping list. It’s been a must have part of U.S makeup artists kits for 20 years now and I have it on good authority that this company also make the brushes for various well known high end makeup brands, including some I already have in my brush roll and love. 

Japonesque literally cater to the needs of every make-up junky – it has EVERYTHING you need for your kit. One of my favourite items is the mini-palette for lipsticks, pictured above. In this very light-weight plastic palette you can include 16 different shades, which means I no longer have to be weighed down by my massive bag of lipsticks, which easily exceeds 300 colours. Instead I can just refine it to my most regularly used shades. This is also a must have for lipstick addicts as you can decant your lippy when its down to its last bit by scraping it out (there is a little spatula in the kit to do this) and putting in the palette. 

Other things I love are the makeup cases and on set kit bags, professional pedicure tools, pro-makeup wipes, incredible tweezers and of course that amazing and comprehensive selection of brushes. The best news is that this line is now to be sold exclusively at John Lewis. Beauty Junkies world wide, I recommend you check out Japonesque and start stocking up.


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