“Fashion Star” to be hosted by Elle Macpherson…another fashion reality series

That’s right folks, Elle Macpherson (aka The Body) is coming back to a small screen near you soon. The news out of Universal City this morning is that there’s a new fashion reality television series in the works for NBC, with a working title “Fashion Star”.  Macpherson has been tapped as the host for the new show wich will “give 12 unknown designers the chance to win a multi-million dollar contract to launch their line in America’s largest retail stores”.  I suppose at this point you are wondering how the hell this is different from every other fashion based reality show on tv at the moment.  Apparently “Fashion Star” is set to “groom and discover America’s next popular brand, but through an exciting new format twist, it will allow viewers at home to buy the winning designs each week”.  The show will also “target real-time consumer feedback and interactivity and will span all categories of fashion from suits and dresses to lingerie, denim, bathing suits, shoes, accessories and more. ” And of course along the way we will be dazzled by big names in the fashion industry who will make guest appearances to hike ratings.

I love in the press release they say “what viewers see on TV that night will be on the streets and in stores the very next day.” How much more of a money making scheme can this be? And frankly, I’m not sure I’d be too keen on running out to a store to buy a dress that supposedly thousands of other women are going out to buy at the same time. Perhaps a little bit of research should have been done on women’s shopping habits. Subliminal messages are key. We want to be made to feel as it we’ve discovered something. Not sure that will be the case here at all.

Now back to Elle Macpherson. Her starring roles on TV haven’t exactly always spelled instant success. Granted, she did have a fabulous run on Britain’s Next Top Model recently but this was only after the catastophic flop of the Ashton Kutcher produced show, “The Beautiful Life”.  She’s shiny and nice to watch on TV, but she’s no Tyra or Heidi…

On another note…if you are interested in applying for the show…the casting has begun!


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