Victoria Beckham Autumn Winter 2011 Press Preview in London

What better way to spend an afternoon in London than perusing the beautiful clothing and accessories of the Victoria Beckham Autumn Winter 2011 Collection! Victoria has stunned us all over the past couple of years with collections that flatter a woman like no other.  Curves become lethal beneath the carefully prepared garments hanging on Victoria Beckham hangers.  These pieces are truly meant to be seen in person. Whereas some garments look better walking down a runway, Beckham’s pieces only improve with an up close and personal view. For example, you wouldn’t think that most of the fabrics she’s working with are stretchy and allow for a woman to wear the dress, rather than the dress wearing the woman. And speaking of stretch, I have a new favourite jean. Victoria Beckham’s jeans for Autumn Winter have a stretch like I have never seen before. I hate jeggings…absolutely hate them. But everyone I know that has worn them swears by their comfort. Well, if you are a jegging hater but are longing for a fit that is just as comfortable, invest in some VB jeans! The four way stretch is revolutionary!  If you don’t believe me, just order a pair and prove me wrong.

The accessories this season were a highlight as usual. The leather bags on show were classic, timeless and durable. In short, they will make for fabulous investment pieces. Forget Louis Vuitton, it will be chic to hand your Victoria Beckham bag down to your daughter one day. My personal favourites were the new iPad cases and the grand Shopper. I’ll be adding both to my collection just as soon as they’re available. Without keeping you further, here’s a look at the collection…


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