Manbags…I’m a devotee

I have a confession. I am in love with the new site, Mr. Porter. It’s not because I am shopping there for the boyfriend. And I’m not buying things for mates, family members or work colleagues.  I’m shopping for myself, a woman, on a men’s designer fashion site.  At this point you may be wondering if I’m a cross dresser or taking the new androgyny trend to the limits.  The answer is neither.  I am, in fact, head over heels in love with manbags.  I see men carrying manbags as often as I see women carrying real Hermes Birkin…close to never!  It’s time for this to change! However, I’ve decided I was meant to carry these beauties and I’m taking it on as my personal mission in life to advertise their enormous size and capability to hold everything but the kitchen sink! 

Here’s another plus for you ladies. Manbags are reasonably priced because men have no “it” bags at the moment. I mean, honestly, where are you going to find a gorgeous YSL tote like the one above for a woman at that sort of price? Only in the manbag section! Granted, Gucci seems to have it all figured out with their price range and I don’t know that I have any males in my life that would shell out over £3,000 for a bag to carry their daily necessities. And shock horror, I saw a woman carrying the Gucci leather satchel on the tube yesterday! Made for a man but clearly designed with a woman in mind! 

Keep the man bags coming…here’s one woman who’ll keep buying!


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