Lulu Guinness Press Day Autumn Winter 2011

Every season I look forward to the Lulu Guinness preview.  Of course I look forward to the new items on show, which are always fabulous, but more importantly I look forward to seeing Lulu Guinness there in the flesh.  She is one of a very few designers who actually attend their own press days to meet and greet the people that will write about her new line.  Why all designers don’t do this I will never know.  It truly makes the whole experience so much more personal and exciting when the designer is there to tell you what they were thinking when designing, rather than hearing it from a third party. Well, now that that’s said…

This season Lulu Guinness offers bags in all sizes from small animal print clutches to large totes, and of course her signature lips clutch that seems to have a spot on every red carpet going! There is truly something for everyone in this collection.  

I had to laugh as I excited the showroom and reached for my purse to retrieve some money for a cab. While digging in the depths of my massive handbag my fingers ran over one of my first Lulu Guinness purses, “Put on your pearls girls”, which I had thrown in my bag last night . I keep my pearls within this little purse that is so dear to my heart and I will be wearing them to an event this evening. It reminded me of just how far back my love for Lulu goes back.

Without keeping you with further, allow me to present Autumn Winter 2011 from Lulu Guinness…


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