Kate Middleton’s Dress brings £65,000 at auction

So the rumour mill says that Prince William fell in love with Kate Middleton when she modeled  a sheer skirt as a dress in the annual St. Andrews fashion show in 2002. However, having seen the dress/skirt she was wearing  at the time (pictured above) you would most certainly question William’s taste in fashion.  That being said, there was one man, or bidder rather, that was willing to part with £65,000 (£78,000 with buyer’s premium included) for the privilege of owning this rather interesting garment. It is, after all, an important piece of history now.  The dress sold at Kerry Taylor Auctions today in London to a man in the room who claims he was buying it for “Nick from Jersey…” Ummm he didn’t specify if that was New Jersey or Jersey here in the UK. That would definitely make for a good story should it be heading back to Jersey USA!


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