Horseshoes for Humans….ummm, what?

I honestly can’t tell you whether this is an elaborate hoax or not but I hope to God it is! I received an email about an hour ago from a PR with the press release and images, so whatever the goal here is, there’s representation behind it.  As if most of us don’t look enough like horse’s asses when we walk around in off the wall fashion, now you can complete the look with actual horse hooves. Only be prepared for a hefty price tag that comes with the privilege. Each pair will set you back £1,300.  

Apparently Betfair, the world’s biggest betting community, is behind the “interesting” fashion statement. They commissioned a team of fashion designers (who these designers are I think we may never know) to create “equine footwear” to celebrate 100 years of the Cheltenham Festival in England, which starts tomorrow. In case you are actually considering running down to the races to buy these interesting furry friends, you might also like to know that the shoe ismade using an imitation carbon-fibre hoof and up to five thousand individual horse hairs stitched into a knee (55cm) or ankle (25cm) length design.”

An Essex Girl, Lousie Dainton, had this to say about the shoes…“They are really comfortable and make you feel like you want to get on the track and gallop down the final furlong.  I’m not sure they are for everyone, but I definitely want a pair of hooves.”

Ok, Betfair! Come on and admit now that this is all a big joke and that it was just a publicity stunt. Hell, you’ve got us writing about it!


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