Dorothy Perkins: 5 Jeans for 5 days…boyfit

Day Three of the Dorothy Perkins Denim Dress Up Challenge. Today we’re all wearing the Boyfit jean. For me, as you can tell from the pic above, I have wide-ass hips! There’s no getting away from them. They’re there and they’re made for birthing (excuse the frankness there). So I have to be very careful when I’m choosing jeans. The Boyfit weren’t my favourite but they did have a lovely amount of stretch in them that did make them incredibly comfortable! 

Today with my Boyfit jeans I’m wearing a Ralph Lauren scarf tied to be a top, a Ralph Lauren Blazer, a Ralph Lauren chunky necklace (major vintage) and Upper Street stilettos designed by me! 

Check out Style HQ for a look at how the other ladies styled their boyfit jeans from Dorothy Perkins.


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