Andrej Pejic: A teenage boy models womenswear

Andrej Pejic is not your typical 19-year-old boy. For starters, he walks down runways.  Add the fact that he’s walking down the runway in women’s clothing and you can see where this isn’t your average teenager.  Andrej Pejic is, in fact, one of the most in demand models in the marketplace today….for womenswear! He has appeared on numerous catwalks and this season walked for famous designers such as Todd Lynn, Jen Kao, Jean Paul Gaultier and RAD by Rad Hourani. 

Andrej Pejic has also appeared in several campaigns, for Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier, and has been featured in dozens of fashion editorials in high profile magazines such as Vogue Paris and i-D. He’s come into the limelight again this week because of a backstage interview he had with Hilary Alexander just before he walked for Gaultier. Alexander asked Pejic if he would ever consider having a sex change for his career to which he responded, “Yes, if I was offered a Victoria’s Secret contract. You’d have to, wouldn’t you. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.”

Watch the full interview here:


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