American Apparel’s ads take it too far this time…

American Apparel may want to rethink their advertising strategy. Dov Charney, CEO of the company, was recently presented with a lawsuit for $260 million after an employee claimed he made her his sex slave for a day. Sounds like an absolutely charming man. But then again who else would put out ads like the one we see above? Those white dots aren’t in the original ad – I’ve added them so that this doesn’t turn into a porn site. 

I’m not an American Apparel fan. Never have been, never will be. To me their garments are pieces you can find in your local goodwill for $3.99 but are marked $49.99 in their store. Not only that but their advertising just generally pisses me off. What used to be funny is just downright disturbing now. If we are entering an age when young people buy clothes because of these sort of ads…well, I just feel like an old lady right now even talking about it. 

However, my mind is at peace knowing that American Apparel is not exactly selling off the shelves at the moment. We all know the financial problems they’ve had in the past 18 months and hopefully one day I’ll be able to write a story about their doors closing around the world. Until that time…this will be the last you hear of American Apparel from me.

Ad source: Copyranter


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