The watch seen at every event in 2010

There is only one item that seems to be seen more often than a Chloe bag at fashion events this year: the Michael Kors gold plated chronograph. The last large event I attended I, along with a close friend who was also wearing the same watch, counted no less than two dozen women wearing this exact same watch!  It’s easy to understand why. At only £199 it is a watch that easily looks ten times its cost.  When I first bought mine three years ago in the USA it was my prized item.  Even my boss mistook the watch for a Rolex and proclaimed, “Either I’m paying you too much or you’ve managed to hook a trophy boyfriend over the holidays.” The compliments never stop…even though it seems we all have one. 

So here’s your little fashion tip for the new year…get one! Honestly you’ll use it more than anything else you own. It looks chic and “riches” up any outfit instantly.


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