Tommy Hilfiger Autumn Winter 2011 Highlights, New York Fashion Week

I have mixed emotions about the Tommy Hilfiger show this year.  On one hand, the garments are more luxurious than ever and Tommy truly does take preppy to a new level.  However, I think initially I was a bit surprised by what I saw on the catwalk.  Perhaps it was simply because this was not the Tommy I have been familar with all these years (we won’t get into my issue in accepting change right now).  In all honesty, after the initial skepticism, I was sold on the whole concept.  This is a collection where the devil really is in the details: the toggles, the piping, the perfectly placed pockets, the drawstrings.  It’s all about seeing the garment as a mixture of a lot of wonderful little pieces of prep that come together to form a new preppy style entirely.


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