Pret-a-Rever: Culture “Shop”!

Earlier this week I was introduced to a new website – Pret-a-rever. This isn’t just another blog or online retailer…this is a fashion/cultural revolution.  Pret-a-rever aims to educate us all on the finer things in life.  Yes, those finer things do come attached to a shopping cart, for the most part, but they also teach you something along the way. We’re all going to shop.  Why not do it in an atmosphere that’s calming and progressive? Pret-a-Rever say it perfectly in their own intro:

“Join us as we dust off the books, shuffle through the galleries, gaze at the fashion photography – and aim to embrace the true meaning of the here and now.

Interact, share, tell us your thoughts, and join the conversation. Trends, creativity, movements, they should be lived and not just worn.”

Go on…add this is your daily read…
Ps. It’s already been recommended as a “must read” by Vogue and Grazia!


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