Nicole Kidman wore Christian Dior last night to the Academy Awards…brave soul!

We are used to seeing Christian Dior all over the red carpets but last night, as celeb after celeb marched into the Academy Awards, there was not a dress in sight with the Dior label sewn in the back.  That was until Nicole Kidman took to the red carpet.  Kidman braved the current John Galliano anti-Semitic comments controversary and stepped out in one of his latest designs.  Not only did she get knocked for wearing the designer, on twitter and by several news sources, she was also accused of wearing a “fancy dinner napkin”.  So it seems it didn’t matter who the designer was, the general public wasn’t thrilled with the frock in the first place.

However, after The Huffington Post released their video of John Galliano saying “I Love Hitler” this morning… I do wonder if Nicole Kidman’s PR lady isn’t readying her resume.

NOTE: We can’t find any other celebs photographed wearing Dior so if we’re wrong and you did see others…please let us know!

UPDATE: Sharon Stone also wore Christian Dior on the red carpet last night!


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