Kenneth Cole Amateur Tweeting Hour

This afternoon I came across a tweet sent by Kenneth Cole that seriously was disturbing. I to-ed and fro-ed for a moment and then decided, right, it’s time to call these guys out.  Here’s the tweet that Kenneth Cole sent…

 I tweeted this in response, on impulse…

I’ve just come home to find that they have responded to their hugely insensitve tweet:

So I do believe someone at Kenneth Cole is probably in a spot of trouble this afternoon. I mean really! Who on earth would think it was a good idea to write something so incredibly harsh in an attempt to drive more traffic to your new collection? This tweet will go down in history! Of all the brands in the world…I would think Kenneth Cole would be the last to tweet something like this. They are usually all about helping mankind. Well, KC, today you’ve done a good job of totally messing that “good guy” image up.  Reconsidering  your twitter voice might be a good idea right about now…if you haven’t done so already.  

Brands…let this be a lesson to you all! Make sure you don’t have a baboon sitting on your twitter feed! It is one of your most powerful tools for speaking to your customers.  Use it, but use it wisely! 


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