Katy Perry’s Rolling Stone Cover Before and After

Now, way too many people online will be posting these photos and saying horrible things about Katy Perry.  However, this is not one of those posts.  Rather the opposite, I would say.  

Look at the before image for a second without looking at the after.  That’s an amazing picture of an amazing woman.  Without even an ounce of photoshop assistance that would be have been a phenomenal cover.  What upsets me more than anything, in looking at this proof of digital enhancement, is that we have truly damned ourselves here when it comes to images in magazines.  Photos are continually enhanced because we want them to be.  Trust me, the magazines would love to save the money and not hire several retouching artists. But they have to, because WE the people crave perfection even if we know it isn’t real.  

I don’t know how to change it. I want to be part of some great revolution when it comes to the way we view women in magazines.  But how to make the first ripple in this huge ocean…I don’t know.  I’m on the case…it’s always on my mind…and I’ll keep you up to date as it unfolds.  I do not want my daughters to grow up looking at women that are not real. It only teaches young women to strive to look like something that is not possible to achieve in this world (well not without hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery at least).  So there you have it, my mission for 2011.

Should Katy Perry come across this post – be proud that these images were released. If anything it shows that you are absolutely stunning without any work at all. 

And just in case you needed another reason to love Katy Perry…she makes videos like this (which I believe I have posted once before on the blog…but I do love this song and video.  It’s a real pick me up on the low days…)

Source for cover images.


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