How about a Krispy Kreme doughnut to celebrate Glamour’s ten year anniversary! Yes, please!

GLAMOUR…why are you doing this to us? A doughnut to celebrate your ten year anniversary!? We love you and hate you all at the same time. I suppose you are doing us a small favour in lauching this delicious treat just at the tail end of fashion week. But honestly, this is a whole lot of trouble in a tiny package. I won’t be able to resist!

The GLAMOUR Glaze Krispy Kreme doughnuts, original glazed finished with sparkling glaze in the hottest shades of the season (tasting of strawberry and blackcurrant), will be available to purchase from all UK Krispy Kremes from this week! 

Jo Elvin, GLAMOUR’s editor, said:

We are proud to present, with Krispy Kreme, the world’s most stylish doughnut! The GLAMOUR Glaze doughnut tastes as gorgeous as it looks – I know this because the GLAMOUR team and I have run extensive taste tests. They’re impossible to resist – and seeing as it’s our 10th anniversary, why bother trying? Celebrate with us.’

Interested info about Glamour I’ve just learned:

GLAMOUR is the fastest selling women’s magazine to hit the market in 25 years.  Launched in April 2001 in the now much imitated ‘handbag-size’, a copy of GLAMOUR is sold every 4.99 seconds somewhere in the UK.  Globally the magazine has a circulation of over 6 million and is read by 22 million women every month.  


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